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Selling to Your Grandmother - is not just another How-To book on sales, but a book written from the perspective, "Imagine if you treated every customer like you would treat your own Grandmother." Highly effective quotes, and entertaining illustrations of Grandma, make reading a breeze. No complicated flow charts or confusing graphs are anywhere to be found.
"Selling to Your Grandmother" will capture your imagination, and give you a fresh perspective on how to approach sales.

6x9 Paperback; 208 pages; Tribal Press
For a LIMITED TIME, all copies will be autographed by Chris.

Grandmother Philosophy Audio CD - Listen to Chris explain the Grandmother Philosophy in his own words. The Grandmother Philosophy springs from the pages of the book and comes to life. The Philosophy is an acronym for the word G.R.A.N.D.M.O.T.H.E.R. and after you hear it, you will want to implement it into your daily routine.

GRANDMOTHER PHILOSOPHY CD: $9.95 (Save on additional copies)
Audio CD; 38 minutes; C2 unlimited
Listen to Chris describe the Grandmother Philosophy in his own words.

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"Selling to Your Grandmother" - Imagine if You Treated Every Customer Like You Would Treat Your Own Grandmother.
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"Grandmother Philosophy" - Listen to Chris in his own words describe the "Grandmother Philosophy"
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